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Carrie Underwood Engagement Ring  | Why Everyone Talks About It ?

Carrie Underwood engagement ring is one of the most stunning jewels from her fiancé Mike Fisher. The ring was selected from lovely collections of Jonathan Arndt and cost Mike Fisher US $ 150,000. The design and match with her other outfits has made Underwood to always remain stunning everywhere she goes.

Features of The Ring This engagement ring is made of over five carats of diamond which makes it very shiny in every background. The ring has three main sections. The main ring is mainly made of diamond and small embedded balls of gold on either side. The upper section of made of another smaller ring that carefully sits on the main ring. This ring is purely made of diamond and very shiny. You cannot fail to notice it whenever you come closer to Carrie. The most stunning feature of the ring is the crown that fills and projects outwards from the smaller ring. It comprises of deep yellow color and shining crystals mixed in a very attractive way.



Carrie Underwood Engagement Ring